arrow1 2011 Race Results
Welcome to the 2011 race season! Most recent finishes are in bold.
1stDyame LemmingVance Creek5
1stSam BlissElkhorn Stage 14
1stSean CurranState Crit Championship3
2ndMark EamerRedmond Derby Days5
3rdChris MahanIce Breaker TT4
3rdAllen ButlerSequim 25
3rdKevin TamuraFrostbite TTRetro
3rdSean CurranWA Best All Around Rider3
3rdLogan WetzelWA Best All Around RiderPro/1/2
4thAllen ButlerMason Lake 15
4thRobert McDanielMason Lake 24
4thAnthony DicksonMutual of Enumclaw: Time TrialMasters 30+ Cat 1/2/3
5thAllen ButlerSequim 15
5thRobert McDanielIndependence Valley3
5thMark EamerSeward Park Crit Series (4.7)6 o'clock
5thChris MahanGreen Valley TT4
5thLogan WetzelVance CreekPro/1/2
5thSamuel BlissVance Creek4
5thAnthony DicksonMutual of Enumclaw: General ClassificationMasters 30+ Cat 1/2/3
5thKenton BergSecond Ascent Twilight Crit4
5thCarsten CroftElkhorn GC4
5thEd RosenbergElkhorn TT4
5thSean CurranRedmond Derby Days3
5thMark EamerBrad Lewis Memorial Crit5
5thDyame LemmingWA Best All Around Rider4/5
6thMatt NuffortIndependence Valley3
6thEd RosenbergLongbranchMen 30-39 - Cat 4 / 5
7thMatt NuffortSequim 2Masters A/B
7thIan ColvilleSequim 25
7thDyame LemmingIndependence Valley5
7thMike AttieRavensdale RoadracePro/1/2
7thDoug ReidTed Finegold Memorial CriteriumMasters A
7thEd RosenbergElkhorn GC4
7thAaron TurnerSecond Ascent Twilight CritCat 4/5
7thChris MahanBoston Harbor Circuit RaceMaster 40+ Cat 4/5
8thJim 0ÔBrienIce Breaker TTMasters C/D
8thJim 0ÔBrienCarnation TTMasters 35Ð49
8thCarsten CroftElkhorn TT4
9thMike RolcikMason Lake 13
9thAllen ButlerStage 1: Cherry Blossom Classic3
9thRobert McDanielVolunteer Park Crit3
9thDoug ReidWenatchee Velo Omnium GCMasters A
9thKenton BergMutual of Enumclaw: Road RaceMasters 40+ Cat 4/5
9thLogan WetzelSecond Ascent Twilight CritCat 1/2
10thMatt NuffortSequim 1Masters A/B
10thRobert McDanielSkagit Valley TT3
10thAllen ButlerOlympic View Road Race4
10thEd RosenbergWA Best All Around RiderMaster 30-39 Cat 4/5

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